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Posted by Jimmy on February 5, 2015

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This guidebook contains links, videos, pictures, audio and text from Seeking the Source was a weeklong mapping expedition that took place from May 17 – 23, 2015 along the Chester Creek in Anchorage Alaska. A residency of sorts, Seeking the Source focused on the Chester Creek, the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek trail, and adjacent parks and neighborhoods. Each crewmember mapped the trail in their own way, while also attending public gatherings with individuals with either cultural, historical or scientific expertise on the area. The crew also met with different individuals and groups that use the trail on a regular basis.

The Crew:

Colin Allen, Mike Conti, Sarah Frary, Meghan Holtan, Ayden LeRoux, Jimmy Riordan, Chris Stiegler, Doug Williams


5/15– Parks and Recreation Meeting with Maeve Nevins

5/17– Sunrise Landing and Meeting with Dena’ina historian Aaron Leggett

5/18– US Fish and Wildlife AM meeting and PM potluck with Lanie Fliecher, Vic Fischer and Dwayne Adams to discuss the history of the trail

5/19– Attend ARC of Anchorage walking group and PM potluck with long time Anchorage residents Colleen Rutledge, Wallace Arthur Smith, and Beverly Smith, and Tracy Smith from Fish and Game to discuss fish in the creek; then and now

5/20– Bike to Work Day Bacon station, gathering with youth from the Fairview Recreation Center and evening ride from Woodside Park to Midnight Sun Brewing Co. to discuss bike commuting in Anchorage

5/21– Wetland walk with Susan Share

5/22– Attend Senior Center Nordic walking group, visit Russian Jack Springs greenhouse, meeting with Gino Graziano from Integrated Pest Management to discuss invasive species, evening potluck at Russian Jack Springs and evening walk in Muldoon to find source of the south branch of the creek

5/23– Community walk from Russian Jack Springs to Valley of the Moon Park




The content of this book is also viewable in a different form on our website.

www.chestercreektrail.com or www.Chanshtnu.com

Thanks To:

The Parks Foundation, Parks and Recreation, Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife, the ARC of Anchorage, Fairview Rec Center, Bike Anchorage, the Anchorage Senior Center, UAF Cooperative Extension IPM, Lydia Selkregg Greenhouse, Northern Placemaking, Aaron Leggett, Lannie Fliecher, Vic Fischer, Dwayne Adams, Maeve Nevins, Beth Nordlan, Colleen Rutledge, Wallace Arthur Smith, Beverly Smith, Tracy Smith, David Wigglesworth, Katrina Mueller, Jessie Haynes, Lindsey Hajduk, Gino Graziano, Hal Gage, Steve Heimel, Bruce Farnsworth, Christopher Constant, Susan Share, Georganne Sprinkle, Matt and everyone else that showed up, crossed our paths or lent their hand or their voice to this project.

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