First Day of Tall Tales: Mile 0.0 to N Street

Posted by Meghan Holtan on May 17, 2015

First day on the trail – what a milieu. I love this section of the trail for the wide variety of activities and people enjoying the trail. Over the week, many people have shared that the lagoon and the view towards the mountains is their favorite spot on the trail, if not the city. Remote control sail boats, new roller bladders, bikes, frisbee golf, running, playground time, it is all there. Here are some of the stories I collected on this beautiful Sunday:

  • Lagoon Ice Classic
  • Lagoon Running Race
  • Favorite Playground Equipment
  • Kids Play Park
  • Boat Races
  • Half Marathon Training
  • Lagoon Backyard Flatterer
  • Bench Stories

Audio here: