Hi, My Name Is…

Posted by Meghan Holtan on May 16, 2015

My name is Meghan Holtan, but for this experiment I will be masquerading as my alter ego – Guy Sidewalk. Guy Sidewalk is an inquisitive flanneur, who enjoys experiencing the built environment as a very tall pedestrian.  Earlier work appears here  http://bigcommute.blogspot.com/ in slightly different form. For this expedition, Guy Sidewalk will take to the trail, the Chester Creek Trail to explore other pedestrian and slow-rollers experience of the trail. Guy will be prompting people trail users to record their memories of the trail to be shared and passed down as part of our urban green space heritage.

In my past life, I spent several years teaching and performing circus arts. This is how I met up with Jimmy. I now (as Meghan, not Guy) work as a planner for a small firm in Anchorage.  More on what exactly “planning” is later, but in my daily work, I do a lot of background research that shapes the scope of communities plans. This often involves talking to people (like trail users!) about what they love about their community. For this “Seeking the Source” project, I look forward to learning about and reflecting on the role that artists can play in the planning processes and their approach to “research.” I have found that what planners call “public participation” and artists call “art” are merging in some forms. This walk will be an excellent opportunity to explore this connection.