Tall Tale Moose Encounter

Posted by Meghan Holtan on May 22, 2015

I have a tale to add to the trail. We were talking with a biker on the bridge over the creek just before the bridge over Northern Lights, when a moose that was on the side of trail decided to come check us out. It was a juvenile and it seemed to be a mixture of curious and aggressive about his area. I walked (on stilts) over to the triangle formed by the trail as one branch goes to Tikishla when the moose started heading our way! I hid behind a tree, but it kept coming, and realized I needed more mobility. I could undo one stilt, but with that one off, there was nothing to stand on. I grabbed on to the tree and Colin undid my remaining stilt as I clung to the tree like a koala. He finally shook it loose and I took off running, long pants and all.

Unrelated note: In talking to people about their relationship to trail, I get a lot of “we used to live in the neighborhood over there” or “when I first moved to Anchorage…” It is a good idea to have rental housing close to the trail so that as people first land in Anchorage, or move around the city, even more people are exposed to this amazing resource in our city. Later on, it would be fun to map out renter-occupied vs owner occupied housing in Anchorage using the census data, and see explore this pattern more.