The Chester Creek

Posted by Colin on March 5, 2015

Seeking the Source is a mapping expedition, focusing on Chester Creek, the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek trail, and adjacent parks and neighborhoods. Through routine, group activities and meetings, solo endeavors, scheduled community activities and spending more time looking and being in this place, we hope to create a map made of more than lines, but also experiences.


We are a group of eight artists. Each artist will be mapping the area in their own unique way. We working with the Parks Foundattion and are part of the larger Northern Placemaking initiative. Many of you probably associate this with the group called Light Brigade. See


We will be on the trail From the 17th through the 23rd.

Weekdays : 9am – 12pm and 4pm – 8pm

Weekends: 11am – 4pm


We invite individuals and groups to guide one or more of our crewmembers on a walk along the Chester Creek trail or into a park or neighborhood adjacent to it. We have activities scheduled for youth groups, seniors and other special interest groups and are always available for unscheduled visitors. We will host casual gatherings at 6pm in the evenings (12pm on weekends) focused on a variety of topics, with guests that will share their expertise (see schedule).

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