Walking Class

Posted by Chris Stiegler on May 20, 2015

Chris is a kind man. He was forthright and sincere. He told us about his interests and what he was like as a kid. He showed us a charm he collected on a trip to Vietnam with his father. He made it into a necklace because he likes to make jewelry. The necklace hangs midway down his chest on a leather strap. It’s suits him and gives him something to talk about with people he meets. He brought a can of soda and a bottle of water on our walk.


Erica has lived here her whole life. She is a soft spoken woman who directs the route as we talk. We spoke about the center and its community, which consists of dozens of folks who live throughout Anchorage. They come to the center to for classes and community interaction. Erica helps with the walking class, among other things.


Sinar told me the best places to go fishing, and what to catch when I was there. She went into detail about the seasons of the fish in the area. Hooligans are apparently little ones that you can fish early in the season. They are delicious when served up fried. Her and her sons use the Chester Creek Trail for all manner of things, including fishing, but she doesn’t fish for hooligans on that specific creek.


Brian and I walked back together. He told me about his watch. His family gave it him. That led into his class schedule, and we talked about his cooking class and how excited he was about it. A bike went past us with a squeaky wheel which made us both laugh. It was coming off the overpass from Goose Lake into Tikishla Park so our conversation meandered through a great old pine section of the woods. He reminded me of a friend I met years before.
About twelve of us were on the walk between the Arc of Anchorage and Goose Lake. The peaceful cadence was a welcomed change from the activity of our crew on farther down the trail. I got back into the bed of the pickup truck to leave and started to cry out of joy and probably exhaustion.