Wednesday Tall Tales – Bike to Work Day Bacon Station

Posted by Meghan Holtan on May 21, 2015

Tales added from Wednesday at the bike to work day bacon station in Woodside Park:

  • Park planner
  • Treasure trail
  • Enjoy wildlife
  • Lagoon
  • Fishing in Creek
  • Eye level view of creek
  • Slight downhill
  • Bunker Spur
  • Bike to Work Day
  • Duck Pond Long Ride
  • Not in the city anymore
  • Tiny Gift
  • Poem
  • Oxbow + Airport Long Fence
  • Bunker Single Track
  • Under the A Street Bridge
  • Early Morning Bench Date
  • Root Bumps are Fun!
  • Trail Watch
  • Really in Alaska
  • Woods in Winter

Cyclists are over represented in this collection of stories. That is good because it is hard to get these folks to stop and talk! Thanks for sharing commuters!